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Local: 519-291-3820

5663 Line 86 (Just east of Listowel) | Listowel, ON N4W 3H2

We are so pleased that the province of Ontario is at a point of recovery to allow us to reopen our showroom for in-person shopping. We at Conway do not take lightly the responsibility of safeguarding our provinces collective health, and so we wanted to fully share our companies commitment to helping to reopen Ontario's retail sector in a way that does not undermine our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the tumultuous events of the past year, Conway Furniture has committed to continuing to provide a safe and stress-free retail space for both our valued customers and our dedicated staff. We have remained in-step with all public health and government messaging and guidelines, and in many cases we have consistently exceeded the safety standards set out for us. Here are a few examples of the safety measures in place while you shop at Conway;

  • Our door remains locked to the public (as it has been since Mar 2020) - we ask that all customers call ahead to book an appointment so we can ensure compliance to our current capacity limits, and also so we can provide each customer with the dedicated attention they deserve.

  • We are continuing strict cleaning a strict cleaning / sanitation regimen of the store, and engage in active screening of all staff and customers when they arrive at the store.

  • Our delivery professionals are trained to respect legal and safety concerns, while still providing our customers with the in-depth service that they expect from us. Please don't be offended if our delivery guys ask you to give them space, or wear a mask when they are required to enter your premises!

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for not following public health and safety protocols or if we suspect that a customer might be a risk to our staff. We refuse the right to turn away customers from our door for refusing to wear a mask, or to refuse delivery if our delivery staff have concerns about the circumstances of the delivery.

 If you are interested in booking an appointment please call 519-291-3820 locally, or visit our Contact Us page for more detailed information.

Before you make the trip to see us, take the virtual tour online to see a recent view of everything in the store from the safety and comfort of your own home;



Thanks for visiting Conway Furniture and we look forward to seeing you soon!