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Are you wondering what your living room will look like once you add a new sectional to it along with a coffee table, an ottoman, and a few accent chairs? Or do you want to see what your bedroom will look like once you have a new bed, a pair of nightstands and a dresser in place? With the RoomMaker Room Planner, a free online room planning software, you can map out any room in your home and make sure the new furniture you want to buy will fit in it.

It’s very important to utilize the free online room planning software provided by Conway Furniture before you purchase new furniture for your house. If you buy new furniture without checking to see how it’ll fit within your home, it could end up being too big or too small for your space. In addition to using the free online room planning software to check the size of your new furniture versus the size of the room you’re going to put it in, the software can also help you find out the best way to lay out the furniture in the various rooms in your home. You could very well find a more effective way to position furniture by turning to the RoomMaker software. It’ll make any living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, or other space more attractive and help it to function better overall.

Conway Furniture welcomes you to give the free online room planning software a try to see how it works. We also welcome any questions you might have about the furniture we sell. Call us at 519-291-3820 today to speak with a representative.

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